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Before the weather gets too bad, I strongly suggest taking advantage of the sunshine or cloud cover, for that matter and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you. Whether you like to hike the picture at the end of the day or to really take in the serenity of nature a hike to Punchbowl Falls will satisfy all of your wonderlust. The hike starts with a slow, flat and gravel terrain and quickly opens up to the beautiful trees and views of Eagle Creek. The hike will become steeper and muddy, the water from the hillside above you trickles down and forms a number of tiny waterfalls that you can walk under. I highly suggest some waterproof shoes with tough tread to minimize slipping. As you gain elevation you start to see that the steep cliffside falls down to a valley with Eagle Creek and plenty of trees. And from some points you can see where the creek connects to the Columbia River Gorge.
The 3.8 mile hike is quintessential when exploring the Gorge. While is a somewhat crowded hike, as the weather cools down and it starts to rain more it will not be so busy.
I highly encourage everyone to hike in the Gorge and after hiking a lot of it I can say Punchbowl has to be one of my favorites. 
While it is not a long hike and it is not the most strenuous, it is very enjoyable and when you finally reach Punchbowl Falls the narrow water filled trail becomes worth it. Not only is this a wonderful hike but it is also dog friendly and and gives a chance for your dog to get some great exercise and bounce around in the puddles like a puppy. So, have fun, be safe and enjoy the great outdoors.

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