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Whether it’s sex, stress or tips for drinking responsibly, the workshops hosted by Campus Wellness at Pacific University cover a wide variety of topics. There are four different kinds of workshops that are led by Peer Wellness Educators and are required for incoming freshmen and transfer students to attend. “This is the first year we’ve had 
the CIV 355 Peer Wellness Education Class,” Campus Wellness Coordinator Kathleen Converse said. “I am so pleased with how it is going so far and have been really impressed with our first group of Peer Educators. They are an amazing, smart passionate group of students.”  Beginning last spring, a social health and wellness course started being offered at Pacific. Students who are interested in becoming peer educators are able to sign up for that course and then the following fall, they are able to sign up for the civic engagement component, the CIV 355 course, where they are able to lead workshops.  “Last year when I first saw ‘Got Consent,’ I was like this is really important,” sophomore Patrick Ingmire, who co-leads Tuesday’s workshop with junior Samantha Voeller, said. “Workshops are a way to break down the ‘Got Consent’ topics and dive deeper into them.”  For Voeller, she got started because she has seen how sexual assault affects people on Pacific’s campus. “Being a public health major, health and wellness is such a huge public health thing we need to focus on more and in college especially, a lot of health and wellness aspects are forgotten by students,” Voeller said. “We are trying to bring into the light how to be a healthy and good bystander in a lot of different ways.” The workshop the Peer Wellness Educators are currently focusing on is ‘Let’s Talk About Sex and Pizza.’ “Talking about bystander intervention, mainly about how to get what you want out of sex and how to know that your partner is getting what they want out of sex too, kind of ensures that we have a safe community here and it’s really nice to know that I am helping out with that,” Ingmire said.

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