Professor gives terrorism advice abroad

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Terrorism is a major issue in today’s society that generates huge amounts of fear and anxiety. However, terror events themselves are not all that common. 
Students who wish to study abroad in college, must first take into consideration the political stability of the area they wish to travel to before making a final decision on a destination. Although terror attacks take the lives of many innocent people, the major damage comes from the fear it generates within the public as a whole. Hearing about terror attacks create a panic that spreads wildly as more and more people become aware of the events threw news and media. 
Some of the biggest issues that students who study abroad deal with come from the psychological effects that stem from being in such a drastically different environment. Many students suffer from homesickness while abroad because of the different culture in which they are being immersed in and the distance between them and their family and friends. These psychological issues can lead to depression which can detract from the quality of the experience the student has while abroad. Professor Jim Moore gave some advice about dealing with terrorism while studying abroad: “When you are looking at issues like terrorism and natural disasters, they’re going to happen,” Moore said.
“You just have to accept that, just like they are going to happen here. You just have to be prepared.” Moore also emphasized the importance of not allowing the fear of terrorism to outweigh the desire to travel abroad and experience the world.

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