Scott Hall renovations continue

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People have most likely seen the renovations occurring in Scott Hall on the second floor. Large tarps covering the windows from the inside, planks of wood everywhere and the sign on the door that says “Do Not Enter Construction in Progress” are permanent. So, what is going on? What are these renovations for? The Director of Facilities Management and Campus Public Safety (CPS), Cindy Schuppert, had the answers. “The current renovations are to add a classroom that can be used as a computer lab and two more study pods similar to the pods that were added on the south side of the building last year. “As far as what was removed it is mostly some adjunct professor spaces, other offices or functions that the space served have been relocated to other areas within Scott Hall” Schuppert said. This computer lab classroom and the study pods are for the benefit of the students. The classroom will be ready for 
use in the spring semester and the pods are expected to be complete right after winter break. “There is a need for more classroom space and some larger classrooms that can be used for a 
variety of functions and this is a step in working toward meeting those needs,” Schuppert said. There are currently no kew renovation plans in place after the Scott hall renovations conclude.

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