University offers ways for students to de-stress

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One of the most stressful parts of the year is just around the corner, finals week. However, Pacific University students will not have to worry as several resources and events will be offered throughout the coming weeks to help students relax and prepare fully for their tests. 
On Dec. 7, the Wellness Center will bring puppies to campus for students to pet and play with. The dogs will be located inside the library and all are welcome to come and relieve built up stress. Additionally, the Wellness Center will have a booth set up inside the University Center the week of Dec. 5, where students can talk with Wellness Center workers and receive helpful tips and hints on stress relief and self care. 
“You don’t do well on your tests when you’re stressed out. When your brain sends out stress hormones, you can’t think or process information,” Kathleen Converse, Campus Wellness Center coordinator said.  “It’s important to take care of yourself and practice self care during this period of the month.” One of the most important tips that Converse had for students was to make sure to get enough sleep. One of the solutions that college students use for some their more stressful finals is to stay up all night prior to the exam to study or to finish a paper. 
However, getting an adequate amount of sleep will help students to be more productive the next day and thus better take their test scores. Another important tip is to drink water. People get dehydrated during finals week as they often turn to caffeinated drinks for help to get things done quickly. However, caffeinated drinks often make people dehydrated, which results in making tasks more 
Even simple things like breathing can be practiced to help calm nerves. “Utilizing events offered constantly like the Boxer Breather sessions which are held once a week from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. is crucial in maintaining stress,” Converse said. Make sure to utilize all the resources offered before, during and even after finals week.

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