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Looking for a fun and moderate hike to satisfy your wanderlust? Look no further than Drift Creek Falls. The trailhead is located near Lincoln City and those wiling to take on the adventure are rewarded with spectacular views of a nearly 300-foot waterfall. The hike is about three miles round trip but the breathtaking views and beautiful nature the 
experience offers is worth every minute of the drive out to Lincoln City. The hike starts from above the waterfall, so you will, untraditionally, be hiking down to the falls as opposed to up.
After the first mile is completed, you will reach a spectacular suspension bridge, situated above the falls, which provides a view unlike any other. The bridge is about 300-feet tall and it stretches across the river from high above the waterfall. 
The suspension bridge is not for those scared of heights, as it will sway from side to side as you walk across. The bridge is sturdy and there are no safety concerns, but it is not for the easily frightened. After crossing the bridge, you will begin your descent down toward the falls. Muddy switchbacks and plenty of tree cover will surround you but you will still be able to hear the crashing of the falls. This hike is a no brainer for those of you interested in nature photography because it gives you many unique vantage points to shoot from. Drift Creek is also dog friendly and makes for a great hike for you and your pup. Be sure to wear a good pair of hiking shoes because the trail is extremely wet and muddy.

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