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Senior Josie Kochendorfer, who is now serving her final year as the Board of Trustees Undergraduate Student Representative (BOTSR), credits the position with helping her to prepare for the future.

Kochendorfer was born in Alaska and raised in Beaverton. When the time came for college, she knew that she would not want to leave home.

“I applied to Pacific University and also other state schools here in Oregon because I knew I wanted to stay around home,” Kochendorfer said. “However for graduate school, I want to move around.”

Kochendorfer arrived at Pacific in 2013 and chose to major in creative writing and psychology, while also balancing a minor in literature. According to Kochendorfer, time management was a helpful skill that she quickly learned after becoming the BOTSR.

“The hardest part of this job does not come from the job’s task itself,” Kochendorfer said. “But the time management needed to get it done.”

The meetings for the Board of Trustees only happen once a semester. Mostly for organizations on campus to come and present their current status and to present future plans.

“As BOTSR I try to connect all of the organizations to each other so they can help one another grow,” Kochendorfer said. “While also inputting the undergraduate student body’s voice on various topics.”

As for her life after Pacific, Kochendorfer hopes to attend graduate school. Ohio State University and Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York, are her finalists.

Kochendorfer wants to pursue a masters degree in creative writing and said her true aspiration is to teach undergrad level education at a university.

“Being on the Board has helped me grasp the financial side of how these schools and organizations work,” Kochendorfer said. “And knowing how they operate, I feel, gives me good insight to use in the future.”

Although Kochendorfer does not plan on pursuing trustee positions in the future, she credits the job with expanding her time management skills and social skills.

“Naturally I am really introverted and this position forces me out of my comfort zone,” Kochendorfer said.  “It pushed me to work for a bunch of organizations that I wouldn’t have joined if it were not for this.”


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