Music Department performs “Into the Woods”

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Pacific University’s Music Department is concluding April with a production of “Into the Woods.” “Into the Woods” is a Tony Award-Winning musical by Stephen Sondheim that incorporates a twist on many classic fairy tales with multiple familiar characters. Pacific’s production will add even more unique aspects to the lively show.

“Our director took photos and was inspired and then we worked it into the rest of the show, so it’s kind of this sense of playful chaos where we as actors are trying to figure out how to put the production on with what we’re given on stage,” freshman Katerina Cockbain, who is acting in the musical said.

“It’s meant to look unproduced, but it also still needs to look good and sound good and that’s something we’re having trouble with,” freshman Brennan Staffieri, who is working on the tech team said.

The actors and tech crew have had to balance out how to prepare a successful musical with the setting and props that have been provided.

“Costumes are completely insane, it’s great though,” Cockbain said. “We’re not trying to [make the audience] believe we have ball gowns, but we’re given a costume rack and out of that, whatever happens to be there. They’re like, ‘okay, how would you make a ball gown out of this?’”

Some of the actors’ costumes include pieces of clothing from their own closets.

“We’re not trying to convince anyone,” Cockbain said. “We’re not just college students on a stage.” Staffieri added it is basically a hyper-self-aware version of “Into the Woods.”

Despite the difficulties that come with producing the musical, the crew is very enthusiastic about the production.

“I was in a junior version of the show, this was in eighth grade, then I did it last year, my senior year of high school,” Cockbain said. “I’m doing it again because it’s my favorite musical.”

“Into the Woods” will be showing April 27, 28 and 29 at 7:30 p.m. in McCready Hall in Taylor Meade. Tickets are on sale online at



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