Senior’s novel includes gods from different cultures

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The old gods and the new gods clash in an alternate world where the political climate is as turbulent as this one. Pacific University senior Gillian Reimann ascribed her love for mythology in the prologue and first chapter of her novel, “Soulborn Chronicles: Fire and Foe.”

Mythologies have influenced Reimann since she was a child. However, many of the books she grew up with lacked loyalty to the myths, failing to re-imagine them in meaningful ways. Reimann’s research into the relationships of mythical gods and goddesses across Greek, Norse, Celtic, Egyptian and Hindu cultures influenced a mix pantheons in her narrative for her senior capstone.

“It’s hard because these faiths and religions the never really mixed before or like when they do mix it’s technical, like mix the Greek and the Roman because they are so complimentary,” Reimann said. “I wanted to bring in a diversity aspect too.”

Reimann created a visual aid that illustrates the complex relationships of many figures from global pantheons. This aid has helped her as she sets out to re-imagine the old gods and new gods as complex characters with complex relationships.

These relationships will not only help drive the conflict between them but humanize them as well. While many characters are drawn from a global pantheon, the novel’s protagonist is a female fire elemental. Her name is Saskia Raye and she is bound to Ares, the ancient Greek God of war. Other gods like Kali and Freyja will find themselves at odds with the world around them as a seemingly conservative versus democrat polarization will unfold.

Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods,” Harley Quinn comics and “Xena: Warrior Princess” served as influences for the creation of Reimann’s unique world with re-imagined mythological and original characters.


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