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The Undergraduate Student Senate (USS) for the 2017-2018 school year have been selected and the representatives are ready and eager to begin work. New President Katie Lightcap will be serving in the USS for her third year.

“I started out as the Administrative Assistant and then had the pleasure of being Vice President of Communications,” Lightcap said.

Lightcap will be responsible for keeping her vice presidents on the board on time and on task.

“My personal goal is to foster a sense of community on campus because it feels pretty disconnected currently,” Lightcap said.

As the new USS president, Lightcap hopes to inform students that their voices can be heard and are welcomed during the meetings.

“People don’t realize they can come to the senate with ideas,” Lightcap said. “We have a lot of resources and various funds and a recommendation from us goes a long way with administration.”

Joining Lightcap on the USS next year is Elona Wilson, who will be the new Vice President of Leadership.

“I am in charge of the clubs and ensuring they have what they need,” Wilson said. “I support them in being successful. I know the past students in my position have done a phenomenal job so I am just hoping to continue their work. I have a passion for organization and being elected into this position excites me because I know that I will be able to implement my organizational skills to help our clubs.”

Managing the schedule of a full time student and being on the USS is not a small task for new members.

“The toughest part of this position for me will be managing my time,” Lightcap said.

For Wilson, it will be finding the time to support each club and each of their activities on campus.

“It is important to me they see they have my full support,” Wilson said.

Adding the new position to her schooling will force Lightcap to work even more diligently with her time. Already working three jobs, she knows it will not be easy.

“I want to be as effective and involved as possible,” Lightcap said. “So I need to make sure I am on top of all of my duties.”


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