USS president discusses plans for upcoming year and goal to increase communication

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Increasing campus communication and building a stronger more connected community are just a couple of the goals this year’s Undergraduate Student Senate (USS) has in mind for the upcoming school year.

USS president senior Katie Lightcap said she is looking forward to the year ahead and hopes to build upon the successes of last year’s USS by returning and revamping well received events from the past and by continuing to reach out to all students in hopes their voices will be heard.

According to Lightcap, one of the biggest triumphs of the USS last year was the creation of the Textbook Exchange, which provided students the opportunity to find cheap alternatives to expensive texts and to also be able to sell back to fellow peers texts they no longer needed.

“The Textbook Exchange is a cool alternative to buying expensive books online,” Lightcap said. “Students can set their own prices and then, at the end of the Exchange, come and pick up their books that weren’t sold and or the money from the books that were.”

Lightcap, and the rest of the USS team, hope to expand and build upon the Textbook Exchange this year by holding the event both in the fall and spring semesters. Keeping the student body well informed and connected remains a goal for the USS moving forward.

“Last year’s Senate made communication a big part of their revamp,” Lightcap said. “It’s important for the students to know what is going on and we try to give them as many avenues as we can to help them access our agendas and meeting minutes.”

Lightcap hopes more students will take advantage of the open USS meetings this year and stay up to date on USS happenings through the BoxerMobile app, which was re-launched last year during the spring semester.

By continuing to improve avenues for communication between the USS and the student body, Lightcap is hopeful the campus community will grow closer together and create an environment in which there is a free flowing exchange of thought between all students.

This year’s theme for the USS is “The Boxer Way,” which emphasizes the team’s hope of moving forward into the future as one connected entity. Student Senate meetings are open to any and all who wish to attend and are held every Thursday throughout the semester at noon in the library conference room.


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