ACE Board chairs work to increase event attendance

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With a new school year comes a new arrangement of Activities and Cultural Events (ACE) Board members. The ACE Board on campus is responsible for various things but is mainly known for creating events for the student body.

“We hope these events we plan can bring awareness to different cultures and groups on campus,” ACE Board chair Eric Wittren said.

ACE Board has one lone returning member in Gabie Mbenza-Ngoma as the radio chair and three new members in Wyatt Eng, Nicole Hood and Julio Montelongo. Those three will be the chairs of production, boxer radio and cultural chair respectively.

“With Gabie being the only returning member on the board, our goal is to get our plans in motion early so they can be well organized and lead to successful  events,”Wittren said.

Wittren said the event focus would shift this year because of low attendance at recently held events.

“Our first big project this year is called Monster Mash,” Wittren said. “It is a concert on Oct. 27 that will take place in the UC on campus.”

The ACE Board plans to host more concert-like productions to replace most dances in hopes of increasing event popularity. There was one event in the past that had success that the ACE Board has plans to repeat and hopefully improve this year.

“We are hoping to have more dive-ins at the pool this year due to the big hit they were last season,” Wittren said.

He added that the Board hopes they can turn them into movie premiers or marathons for the students as well. One position remains open for the ACE Board, as the marketing chair has not been filled.


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