Outdoor Pursuits offers three fall break trips

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Outdoor Pursuits will have three potential trips available for Pacific University students during fall break. Students will have the option of rock climbing at Smith Rock State Park, backpacking in Central Oregon or whitewater rafting at the North Umpqua River.

Although the trip to North Umpqua River is full, students are still allowed on the waitlist. All three of these trips will last from Oct. 6-8. These trips are great for anyone who does not have experience with these outdoor activities. Student leaders will be present to help instruct students during the trip.

Students can sign up for these trips by visiting or calling Outdoor Pursuits. The three Outdoor Pursuits trips provide students a chance to visit areas beyond the college campus.

“These trips are a great way to get outside and explore Oregon,” Assistant Director of Outdoor Pursuits Sam Morrison said. “It provides students an excellent way to take a mental break from their studies in a healthy way and experience the outdoors. They can get outside and get refreshed so they come back from fall break ready to study again.”

The fall break trips will also provide great opportunities for students to share wonderful experiences with other classmates.

“I think for a lot of students it can be a highlight of their college experience,” Morrison said. “Some of the big parts of this experience are sharing quality time with other students. In a way it is just you, nature and a few other people.”

Morrison spoke of how valuable these opportunities can be.

“Sharing this kind of quality time is really rare in this day in age and rare in our busy live at Pacific, our jobs or everything else we need to get done,” the Morrison said. “So it is a really nice way to kind of unwind and take that quality time just to get to know other people in a beautiful place.”


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