International programs grow in popularity

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Pacific University’s Study Abroad Program gives students the opportunity to study for one semester or for a full academic year at a university in a foreign country. Pacific offers programs in 13 different countries and over 20 different schools. Non-English-speaking programs are generally of interest to students studying different languages, but not exclusively.

“We have several English speaking sites; we have two in the U.K., one in Ireland and we have two in Australia,” Stephen Prag from the Office of International Programs said.

Additionally, there are five programs in Japan, four in Germany, three in Latin America, three in Spain, four in France and a recently-approved program specifically for math majors in Hungary. The cost of a trip to study abroad can vary between programs, depending on the country and a student’s ability to budget their spending money while abroad.

“Everyone going on a semester program pays their regular Pacific tuition and a $250 study abroad fee and they get to use their Pacific scholarships in the normal way,” Prag said. “Room and board is going to vary between different programs and you’re going to have to buy a plane ticket.”

There are scholarships that Pacific students can apply for to help pay for their trip abroad. One of these is the Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship, but there are a couple study abroad specific scholarships offered through Pacific’s financial aid office as well.

“I think everyone should study abroad, because it’s going to be a highlight of your college experience,” Prag said. “It’s going to give you the opportunity to expand your social network beyond the United States.”

Nearly every student returns to Pacific after studying abroad showing some sort of positive personal development.

“The experience will help you develop new perspectives on the world,” Prag said. “It’s going to increase your cultural self-awareness as well by helping you understand some of the differences in the way people might perceive the same kind of events in the world.”

In recent years, Pacific has sent between 50 and 60 students abroad each academic year. However, this year the program will be sending more than 70 students to other countries through international programs.

“We really are making a push to ensure our students do have some kind of enriching international experience,” Prag said. “So we definitely hope to see a continuing trend towards sending more students abroad.”

Students who are interested in studying abroad can visit the Office of International Programs, Room 114 in Scott Hall or email any questions you may have to intlprograms@pacificu. edu.


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