Aramark tries to accommodate student input

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The dining experience in the University Center (UC) has undergone a slow, but constant, evolution over the past few years. This upward trajectory and increase in quality of food is a direct result of the care and effort put in by Aramark employees who run food services in the UC.

One of the most common questions Aramark staffers receive is how they decide on which dishes to serve during mealtimes.

“The recipes we use come from a database that is provided by Aramark,” Food Service Director Sean Stratton said. “The Executive Chef then chooses from a list of preapproved meals.”

In addition to the list of recipes provided by Aramark, the Executive Chef can be granted permission to create and serve his or her own dishes. The UC hopes to implement a Chef’s Corner table soon, where the Executive Chef for Aramark can provide students with new culinary experiences.

A more pressing concern for students is the amount of food that seems to go to waste in the UC. However, according to Stratton, all food that is not taken by students is donated to Sunrise Church to help feed the less fortunate.

Aramark staffers, on average, cook enough food each day in order to feed a projected amount of students based on analyzed data. It is common for this projection to exceed the actual consumption of the students.

As far for the future, the Aramark staff is hoping to implement digital television screens throughout
The Grove dining area in an attempt to provide students with nutritional information about the food
being served.

Aramark does its best to listen to student feedback and apply the comments to the food and overall dining experience.

“The most common way for students to provide feedback is through email,” Stratton said. “We are very open to talking to students and taking constructive input. We want to hear the student’s thoughts.”


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