Students selected as extras in new TV show

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A spinoff of the popular TV series “Pretty Little Liars” began filming on Pacific University’s Forest Grove campus March 12. Several students have been chosen to be extras in the pilot episode of the show, which is called “The Perfectionists.”

Allison Warren, a student chosen to be an extra, first heard about the filming from her basketball coach. Warren, a fan of “Pretty Little Liars,” has seen every episode.

“I wanted to be an extra because I thought it’d be a cool experience to get to meet the cast members,” Warren said.

Warren provided insight in what being an extra for the show was like. “It was a much bigger time commitment than all of us thought it would be,” she said. “We even got our hair and makeup done for the scenes.”

Warren’s favorite part about being an extra was meeting the cast. “I was sitting about a chair or so away from them for the scene, so during the breaks they’d start talking to us,” Warren said. “They were super nice and even thanked us for our time.”

The extra cast director was not able to provide any information because production is asking for no media during the pilot stages.

Several famous actors have been seen walking around campus and have interacted with students.

Nicole Corpuz, was one of the few students who got the chance to meet Janel Parrish. Parrish played Mona Vanderwaal on “Pretty Little Liars” and is starring in “The Perfectionists”.

“Mona was my favorite character on PLL,” Corpuz said. “She is from Hawaii, so we talked about that and how her grandparents still live there. Then, I got a picture with her.”

Hannah Hulse was another student who got to meet one of the stars. “I actually met the producer first and told her I was a huge fan of her show. She asked who my favorite was, and I said Sasha Pieterse,” Hulse said.

Pieterse plays Alison DiLaurentis in “Pretty Little Liars” and will also be starring in the spinoff. The producer told Hulse she would bring her later that day.

“Sasha came in later the same day and called me by my first name. She was so down to earth and excited to meet me because she had heard I was a fan,” Hulse said.

Filming continues through March 24.


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