Women from Pacific and Forest Grove to talk at Tedx: Women

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Pacific University senior Julio Montelongo is partnering with TED for his practicum. Next in the series of TEDx talks at Pacific is TEDx PacificUWomen: Showing Up, TEDWomen 2018.

“[Julio has] been putting on different events to bring awareness to different social issues and to bring people together to learn about them,” senior and co-president of Campus Wellness Madeline Clark said.

Clark and her fellow co-president of Campus wellness, senior Grace Peketz, among other representatives from several on campus organizations, have helped with Tedx PacificWomen by reaching out to people, advertising and nominating speakers.

The speakers will be a mix of women from campus and the community. The women will bring a mix of different perspectives from their lives as artists, students, activists, lawyers, professors and other professionals.

“We wanted to get people with different backgrounds and different levels of education to really diversify what we’re going to be hearing about and to give the community a really diverse perspective on women’s issues,” Clark said.

The theme of the talk is “showing up.” The women will be telling stories and sharing experiences revolving around their interpretation of the theme.

“Coming into this space just wanting to recognize different people and wanting to try and understand and get on an equal level with other people is really important,” Clark said.

The event will take place Dec. 2 in Jefferson Hall. It begins at 10 a.m. and end at 3 p.m., with breaks and lunch in between talks. Each talk will last about 15 minutes. Anyone from the campus or community is welcome to join. All of the seats are currently sold out, but a waitlist is still open to fill any cancellations.

“I think that everybody on this team has been a really valuable player in making this event happen,” Clark said, “It was a lot of work and I think we’re going to be really proud of the final product.”



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