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Pacific University held its annual Hap Hingston Speech and Debate tournament this past Saturday and Sunday, gathering some of the best speakers from the region to compete.

The tournament ran very smoothly, despite the large number of high schools in attendance. Put on by Jennifer Conner and Dan Broyles in addition to the University’s own debate team, the students discussed heated political topics both foreign and domestic.

Economic issues, foreign relations, radical political factions in Europe and Asia, and a swath of other topics came to light over the two day tournament.
Some competitors argued with one another directly, or simply proposed reform to judges.
Some read dramatic and enticing poetry, or spoke completely impromptu. The setting was busy, yet focused. Students from across the state and neighboring states shared their experiences and
knowledge with others openly and unabashedly.
The awards ceremony was somewhat different then usual, incorporating Speech and Debate themed improv to entertain students while the final tabulation was being completed. The students took this well, and shot up their hands to take part in the short skits on stage.

Summit High School took home the Division 1 sweepstakes award, with Sandy High School taking home Division 2. Ultimately this shows that, in terms of numbers, they performed best over the weekend.

The annual Hap Hingston Invitational was a success, not only for many of the teams in attendance, as awards were wide reaching. But also for Pacific’s debate team, running smoothly and swiftly throughout.
The Pacific Speech and Debate team’s next endeavor will be a designated tournament at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash. later this month.


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