Work and Service Fair offers students opportunities

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Pacific University’s Work and Service Fair will take place in the University Center on Thursday, Jan. 31. The event will feature recruiters from over 70 different organizations who are looking for students to volunteer, work part-time or full-time, or intern.

Tuality Healthcare, the American Automobile Association, Portland Police Agency, and Center for Autism and Related Disorders are a few of the high-profile companies that will be present.

“A third of the organizations registered right now are healthcare related, and we’re getting more and more reservations.” Melissa Vieria, Internship and Event Coordinator, said.

Since Pacific University has such a high percentage of pre-health students, the reservations are indicative of that, so there are many health organizations welcome to students..

There will also be something for everyone present. Recruiters are invited to work and service fairs to look for students to work both on and off campus. This means that there will be a few on-campus organizations at the Work and Service Fair looking to fill student positions. Volunteer organizations will be present as well, so students looking to fulfill their civic engagement requirement, or who simply want to get involved in the community, have options.

Something that is happening this year that is different from previous years is an internship expo in February.

“We are telling companies that if they are looking for interns only, then maybe only come to that one,” Vieria said. There will be a number of recruiters for interns at this Work and Service Fair though, even though there is going to be a second event on campus this month that is specific for internships.

For students to prepare for the Work and Service Fair, Vieria recommends that resumes are fine tuned and students know what they are looking for and what they can bring to the table. Doing homework before coming to the event will give students an advantage to get themselves full-time jobs or intern positions.

Students can also go to the career center website page and visit the event section, and links will be posted to the recruiters that are coming to campus. This way, students can click on and go to their hiring pages so they have those resources available to them.

“The more students know about the positions, the better,” Vieria said. “Even if their resume isn’t totally fine tuned, just showing up to the event knowing what you’re looking for is a great option.”


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