Senior theatre majors present showcase event

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The graduating Pacific University theatre majors this semester will be conjoining all of their senior projects into one senior showcase event.“It is higher pressure because this capstone is a main stage event for the department,” said senior Elise Dixon.

Usually, Pacific’s theatre department puts on a winter mainstage show at the beginning of Spring term. This semester, that is being replaced with the senior projects.Bill one will feature “Tongues,” directed by Dixon and performed by herself and Jenna Cady. “Savage/Love” is directed, designed, and performed by Cady. Both “Tongues” and “Savage/Love” were written by Sam Shepard and Joseph Chaikin.

“They’re often performed as a duo, even though they are separate plays,” said Dixon. “They do some similar linguistic things and some similar thematic things, but they’re also very distinct.”

Bill two will feature three different plays. “Experience” will be written, directed, and performed by Josh Hauser. “About Po” will be directed and performed by Trevor Harter, and “If I’m Louder” was written and will be directed by Sarah Neely.

Kenny Pratt and Sky Hanley’s senior project has been producing and working tech for the event.

“We’re all going to be involved in every night of the event,” said Cady. “We all have a lot of hats on.” Every play in the showcase stands out individually, but they all circle around the theme of identity and exploring the boundaries between oneself and the world.

“Tongues” and “Savage/Love” will be showing Feb. 7 and Feb. 9 at 7:30 p.m. “Experience,” “About Po,” and “If I’m Louder” will be showing Feb. 8 at 7:30 p.m. and Feb.10 at 2 p.m. Admission is $5 for students, staff, and alumni, and $8 for the general public. All shows will be held in Tetro Barbara theater in Warner Hall. Tickets can be bought at the venue on the day of the show or at


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