Proceeds from “Stars in the Grove” supports local theatre

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Stars will shine bright once again at Pacific University’s annual community talent show “Stars in the Grove.” People are invited to watch 18 unique acts from both Pacific University and Forest Grove communities at Taylor Meade on Feb. 23 at 7:30 p.m. The Forest Grove/Cornelius Chamber of Commerce will sponsor this talent show again for its sixth year.

        All 18 acts will feature new performers that are all varied in age from young kids to older people. The performances will include ones from a piano player, a mariachi band, and an accordion player.  

“We want to show as much variety as possible to show the diversity of our community,” said Executive Director of the Forest Grove/Cornelius Chamber Commerce, Howard Sullivan.

The income from the talent show will go the Theatre in the Grove youth summer camp program. This will be the second time that proceeds from “Stars in the Grove” will be going to Theatre in the Grove. Proceeds from “Stars in the Grove” have always been used to enhance and support non-profit arts programs in Forest Grove and Cornelius every year such as the Valley Art Gallery, Public Arts Commission, and Ballet Forest Grove.

The Forest Grove/Cornelius Chamber of Commerce has been co-sponsoring the talent show to help support dwindling arts programs. Sullivan states that art programs are in danger of disappearing due to shrinking budgets and being cut from schools.

“ Schools believe the idea of keeping the required courses and cutting the electives,” said Sullivan.

Along with supporting and enhancing the arts, Sullivan states that the “Stars in the Grove” is an event that brings the community closer through the displays of local talent.

Sullivan  hopes that more Pacific University students will participate in the talent show next year. He stated Pacific University students have hidden talents and should be able to show them to others.

“I know many students have instruments in their rooms, so we would love to have Pacific students try,” said Sullivan.

The “Stars in the Grove” talent show has been a part of Pacific University since 1995 when that year’s vice president Dennis Lavery had the idea.


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