Bon Appetit receives mixed reviews from student body

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Weeks after the start of the first semester, the student body is abuzz with conflicting takes on Pacific University’s new food service provider Bon Appétit. The giant college dining corporation has certainly spiced things up on campus since orientation, serving students upwards of three meals a day since before orientation.

However, the question of whether or not the students of Pacific have an appetite for Bon Appétit has remained a mystery. Now the reviews are in, and they are evenly split between high praise and harsh critique.

Pacific freshman Devin Simmer thoroughly enjoys Bon Appétit so far, citing the freshness of ingredients and quality of flavor that makes Bon Appétit’s food soar.

“I love it,” Simmer said. “I enjoy the quality of the food and the diversity of the meals.” Junior Haley Dysle agrees that Bon Appétit has exceeded her expectations for school dining. “I like how they make an effort to have organic food,” Dysle said. “I also like how they have different varieties of vegan and vegetarian options.”

While the rave for Bon Appétit’s fresh ingredients and range of food combinations are widespread, some sour dining experiences already linger with students. For instance, freshman Makayla Kraemer claims that the quality of food is all over the place. “I like some of their food but it is really hit or miss most days,” Kraemer says.

Several other students share in Makayla’s assessment, going even further to comment on the long lines to receive meals and the efficiency of the staff. One anonymous source commented that food will sometimes run out before some students can get through the line to scan their Boxer I.D. “They need more cooks,” the source suggested.

Overall, the satisfaction of its customers out ways the voices of Bon Appétit’s critics. As Bon Appétit continues to serve Pacific breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s the hope of every student that the quality of food and organic ingredients of its menu continues to satisfy them.


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