Farmer’s Market

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With the color of the leaves signaling the changing of seasons comes the end of the outdoors Forest Grove Farmers Market. 

Every Wednesday from May to October, Main Street is occupied by various market vendors that sell things from fresh, local produce to homemade goods. 

Part of what makes the Farmers Market special is not only the items, but the sights, smells, and sounds. Often times, the market hosts local musicians, and senior Rachel Fiegener thinks the market would benefit from Pacific students. 

“I’d love to see the Farmers Market getting Pacific students involved with the live music,” Fiegener mentioned. Much like how Pacific University has an Open Mic night, having students perform at the market could help entwine the community of Forest Grove and Pacific even more. 

“I love the smell of the roasting nuts,” a Pacific student said. They were referring to the Fresh Glazed Nuts stand that provides a sweet and warm aroma for the whole market to enjoy. Other smells that can be enjoyed are fresh flowers, homemade pies, and local produce. 

Junior Kiera Yap noted that having a place to buy fresh and local produce is one of the reasons she attends. The Forest Grove Farmers Market focuses heavily on promoting local farmers, allowing a place for their business to thrive. 

“My favorite vendor is the Pie Guy because he makes delicious homemade pies,” junior Becca Rustand reminisced about her time at the market, “It’s nice to have something made with love.” Many different students noted that the Pie Guy has many delectable treats from apple pies to coconut cream pies.

A big aspect of the Farmers Market is bringing the community together, and Rustand attends the market weekly with her friends to buy pie.

The biggest thing students wish to see next year are more vendors, more stalls, and more activities within the Forest Grove Farmers Market. “I want to see the vendors fill up at least the whole street,” Rustand said enthusiastically. 

Having even more community involvement would surely increase the number of students and people in general that attend the market. 

It would also create a great gathering place and help support those local businesses and farmers, promoting a healthier lifestyle.


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