Conversation Project invited all to upcoming session on news bias

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The McCall Center for Civic Engagement is hosting a series of discussions known as the Conversation Project in partnership with Oregon Humanities to create an open space for students, faculty, and staff to share thoughts on modern issues. 

The Project is meant to explore original ideas and opinions about hot-button issues such as the centuries-old question “What Does It Mean to Be American?”. The center’s most imminent presentation, titled “Beyond Fake News,” takes place on Nov. 12 at 5:30 p.m. in the Boxer Pause. It is constructed to help participants form a better understanding of bias as well as how to find reliable sources for news and information. 

Led by Oregon State University librarian Kelly McElroy, the program will pose questions about common habits of Americans today in finding reliable information. 

Stephanie Stockamer, Pacific’s Director and Associate Professor of Civic Engagement, feels that the last session on Oct. 22 went splendidly, “especially for the first time out of the gate with something like that on campus,” she said. “We had nearly 20 people in attendance, including a mix of students, faculty, staff, and members of the general public.”

The second Conversation Project is expected to bring in a similar number of participants. Stocker believes the turnout for the event has been perfect so far. “[The Project] can host up to 40 people at a time,” she explained. “But it was really nice with 15-20 people because we could all be in one group.” 

That being said, all are welcome to attend the event to expand their understanding of news and data consumption as well as share opinions and ideas. 


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