Boxer ID Card helps save students money

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As Pacific University sits adjacent to Forest Grove’s downtown, students have many options for food and entertainment. However, students also sit on a tight budget. Luckily, there are many special perks and discounts offered simply by showing a Boxer ID Card.

At the Forest Theater on Pacific Avenue, Boxers can purchase $2 tickets every night as well as $1.50 for soda or popcorn. Rainbow Lanes, located right by Safeway on 19th Place, offers free bowling nights for students on Thursdays from 9 to 11 p.m.. Students can also swim free during public hours at the Forest Grove Aquatic Center right by the Stoller Center.

Though most of these special perks offered to students are paid for by the $120 student activities fee — all the more reason to make use of them — many local businesses not teamed up with Pacific also give special discounts to students. Scottie’s Drive-In, for example, offers 15% off, and Dutch Bros offers 25 cents off any drink.

Though word may have spread of some of these perks, it’s clear that many students are not aware of just how many come with a Boxer ID.

“It’s really hard to get the word out there every semester,” says Emma Ross, Vice President of Communications on the Undergraduate Student Senate. “When we have club fair, we try to hand out flyers just so new students, and students who are wanting to get involved, will know about the perks of the Boxer card.”

At the front desk in Clark Hall, students can purchase two tickets to Regal Cinemas for just $12. Though a great deal, it’s not one that is taken advantage of often.

“I would say we probably have like 10 students a month purchasing tickets,” says Katlyn Tew, a graduate student at Pacific who works Student Life’s front desk. “There’s no limit as long as we have tickets, but they’ve never ran out on me.”

In other cases, some perks offered previous years have been changed in the time since. Pizza Schmiza, for example, can no longer accept declining balance as a form of payment.

“We no longer do that, but that’s not our choice,” says Ron Pestner, who owns and operates the Pizza Schmizza on Main Street along with his wife Cindy. “We would gladly still do it, but [Bon Appetit] no longer allows it.”

Luckily, students can still get special discounts at Schmizza. Any purchase under $10 earns $1 off, and as soon as an order goes over $10, it’s automatically valid for an even better 10% discount. And Schmizza still delivers to campus every night after 4:30 p.m., but students will have to pay for the delivery themselves.

For any additional perks or opportunities, special events and one-night deals are often posted to the Student Senate Instagram page. Follow them @pacificuss to stay up to date.


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