Humanity, Abstract: Human Body Canvas goes mythical

The Center for Gender Equity held its much anticipated Human Body Canvas event on February 21 with the theme “Art of the Sublime,” a tribute to all things divine and otherworldly reflected onto the diverse bodies of Pacific students. 

The event, taking place in the Multipurpose Room of the U.C., captured the essence of heavenly bodies, so to speak, with diverse artists depicting a wide range of scenes across the bodies of their models, including tranquil horizons, sprawling landscapes, surreal translations of dreams, and angel’s wings. Tables of CGE buttons, bubble vials, and refreshments greeted guests before they walked the line of artists and their masterpieces, the canvases painted with representations of their artists’ interpretations of what constitutes sublimity. 

Artist Kyla Wilson said that her inspiration came from “thinking about the sunset and bright pink, fluffy clouds,” her model Arni Gmeiner’s face painted bright yellow like the sun surrounded by cotton candy clouds. 

Other artists were less certain and allowed their artistic sensibilities to guide them. Artist Chloe Kramer recalled with a grin that she “woke up this morning and decided that it was going to happen.” 

Some of the models were a little hesitant to have their full bodies on display, including Kayla Cooley, who explained: “I was really nervous, but I knew that if I didn’t just go ahead and sign up, I would never do it. And it was important that I did.” 

Both models and artists cooperated to present a crucial message through their presentation at the event: nothing is more sublime and miraculous than the human form.


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