Spring Show Preview: Revolt. She said. Revolt Again.

Let’s talk about revolution.

In almost every aspect of our lives, change is a prominent driving force pushing for reform in our society. Follow a series of revolutions revolving around sex, love, and identity in the Spring production of REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN. by Pacific University’s Theatre Department. 

In this hilariously vulgar production written by Alice Birch and directed by Jacob Coleman, six stories travel outdoors throughout Pacific’s campus to explore various character’s internal struggles with fitting “the mold.” Each scene involves different characters, experimenting with sexual desires, following the standards of love and gender norms, family relations, and diverse expressions of freedom.

This show covers the most awkward encounters anyone could imagine, and its revolutionary approach appeals to any audience who has had struggles of living in today’s world, AKA everyone. The cast and crew do an excellent job maneuvering the challenges of COVID-19 to create an excellently realistic production and they do it all from behind a mask. 

Watch and laugh at this creatively produced show at 7:30pm, Friday, March 11- Sunday, March 14. Required tickets are free to students and employees of Pacific University, and all COVID-19 protocols will remain in effect throughout the show. Tickets are available through this link.

Content disclosure: REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN. addresses themes and content that may be triggering to some audiences. Some scenes contain brief mentions of sexual violence, body image, and mental illnesses as well as extended sexually suggestive language. Viewer discretion is advised. — Chandler Fleming

Photo: Actor Emily Smith performs a scene under the arch at McGill (Gray Ashford)

Chandler Fleming
Production Manager

Major: Multimedia

Hometown: Parker, Colorado

Hobbies: Lacrosse, volleyball, cleaning, organizing, working for Dutch Bros

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