Transition to 4 credits leaves some students overloaded

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With the transition from a three credit system to a four credit system complete, some students have been forced to overload their credit hours in order to satisfy their required courses.

Students who entered Pacific under the three credit system and who find themselves needing to take more than the maximum 18 credit hours in order to graduate on time, are eligible for assistance.

Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Steve Smith said that students who are forced to overload in order to graduate can get additional tuition costs waived if they can prove that they are being forced to overload, and if they can prove that the overload is a result of the three to four credit transition.

Although the waiver is available to those affected by the credit system transition, it does not apply to students that simply wish to take more than 18 credits.

Students will be asked to sign a form explaining that they are being forced to overload and their advisor must also sign off in order for Smith to consider the waiver.

Smith said that the fee waivers would be available to students at least until the class of 2012 graduates, which was the last class to enter Pacific under the three credit system.  However, Smith said that the waivers might be available after that point.

For more information on fee waivers, students should contact Steve Smith by emailing


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