Superbowl XLV, even better than a movie

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Imagine you are about to watch a film made by a prominent Hollywood director, with a well-known cast of characters.

The cast consists of California boy Aaron Rodgers, Seasoned Veteran Donald Driver, the benchwarmer Clay Matthews III, the “hit-men” or the Pittsburgh Steelers Defense, and finally the Villain, Ben Roethlisberger.

This may sound like the next hit television series, or maybe it was just Super Bowl XLV.

The California boy walked away with his long awaited first ever Super Bowl ring as his new city found a leading man to idolize and could finally, after all these years, live up to it’s nickname of “Titletown.”

The seasoned veteran spent much of his early years in Houston and although he had very few earthly possessions, what he did have was a dream to play in the Super Bowl.
And he let everyone know it. Some said he would fail, others simply told him he was crazy.

Fast forward a few decades and he finds himself keeping good on his promise of finally reaching the first Super Bowl of his career.

We still can’t forget about the kid who barely made the bench on his dad’s own high school team, and who now plays for the Green Bay Packers Clay Matthews III. Without a single scholarship offer he walked onto one of the most dominant programs in the country, playing for the University of Southern California.

His coach there shared the opinions of his father and left him on the bench, until half way through his senior season. He was given one shot, and he made the best of it.
The Super Bowl was no different.

In a game where a matter of inches could be the difference between success and failure he went the extra mile.

He went from bench warmer to Super Bowl champion, but that’s not hard to believe given his strong bloodline.

In almost every Hollywood movie the villain ends up getting defeated and it was no different with this Super Bowl. America finally got something that it wanted, the villain, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to lose and not be the one with a massive grin on his face when the game was over.

Even people who lived in the very city he represented were calling for him to be let go.

From being suspended for the first four games to playing for the number one spot, he almost completed one of the biggest slaps in the face the sporting world has ever seen.
He almost pulled it off, but as the villain now knows, almost just doesn’t cut it in the Super Bowl.

Last but certainly not least we come to the most fearful member of the villain’s supporting cast. All year they struck fear into enemies’ eyes as they physically imposed their wills on the opposition at every opportunity that presented itself. They’re relentless, fearless, and worst of all, damn good at what they do.

It is said that a city takes after its team and vice versa.

How fitting it is then that both are represented with a substance as tough as steel. The second coming of the Steel Curtain has closed on numerous opponents and some don’t make it to the second act.

The biggest sporting event in America finished with a storybook ending.

There was no way that a quarterback who has just as many sex assault accusations as Super Bowl rings was going to walk away with another win and back on top.

The California boy waited and bided his time. For the majority of his career he was nothing more than an understudy to one of the biggest names to ever step on the field.

Now the cameras were aimed at him as he hoisted the trophy he and his city longed for.

By the time the final whistle blew and all the confetti had fallen and the winners were handed their trophy, viewers and participants alike shared an intense emotional roller coaster ride with the final ending never made clear until the clock reached zero.

Not to be cheesy, but it’s good to see Lombardi make his way back to Green Bay.  Not even Hollywood could come up with a story that compelling.


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