Students get wet for “Free Willy”

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For the first time ever, RHA showed a “dive-in” movie in the Aquatic Center Tuesday night. Students swam in the pool while the movie “Free Willy” was projected onto a wall of the center.

“We wanted to show made-in-Oregon films,” said RHA President, BriAnna Rosen.

RHA got the dive-in movie idea when they attended a National Association of College and University Residence Halls retreat this summer in San Diego, where they had a dive-in movie.

About 25 students showed for the event. Chairs were set up in front of the wall where the movie was projected for those who wished not to swim, but the majority of students watched the film from the large pool.

To show this movie as a school wide event, RHA had to buy the movie rights. The showing of “Free Willy” cost RHA between $200 and $700, said RHA Advisor, Heather Haskell.

Students had the freedom to use the diving boards, hot tub, slides and large square floaties during the movie.

Throughout the movie, attendees exclaimed every time a recognizable part of Portland was shown.

“I’ve been there,” said Events and Activities Coordinator, Kate Schiewe. “I’ve been to Oaks Park.”

The staff of RHA said they hope to continue showing movies in the Aquatic Center and since they were expecting 20 to 100 people, they were content with the number of students that attended.

“I mean, who doesn’t love Free Willy?” said Schiewe.


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