Pacific student to face double for actor Neil Patrick Harris

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The forthcoming movie adaptation of popular television series “How I Met Your Mother” will soon be receiving a little Boxer Spirit. Senior Justin Dean has been selected to be a face double for Neil Patrick Harris.

“This whole thing was really unexpected,” said Dean. “I was just in Portland over the break waiting in line at Voodoo Doughnuts then suddenly NPH just got in line right behind me!”

Harris was wrapping up a guest appearance on Portlandia, another of Harris’s shows growing in popularity, and had a hankering for a Cock and Balls, one of Voodoo’s signature treats.

“We hammered out the details while waiting in line actually,” said Dean. “Voodoo was busy, so we chatted and figured out the contract.”

James Cameron will direct the three-part movie adaptation and Dean will serve as a face double when the strain of being such a classy ladies’ man becomes too much for Harris.

“People have always told me that I look like NPH; I feel like this is a dream come true,” said Dean.

The Pacific undergrad will not be paid in money as he agreed to learn a rule of the Bro Code for each day of shooting his face is needed.



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