index editor catches CPS off guard

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March 5 was an afternoon of shock and disbelief for CPS officers, students and faculty at Pacific University. The Pacific Index Sports Editor Tyler Grant commandeered a CPS golf cart while presumably intoxicated and gave the university an unforgettable show.

Grant, junior journalism major, sped through the walkways of campus narrowly missing students and faculty alike during the noon hour. Students soaking in the sun in Trombley Square sprang to their feet as Grant drove the golf cart right through the center of the square. Students reported fearing for their lives as Grant shouted out through the plastic flap doors, “It’s tequila Tuesday,” while laughing hysterically.

“This really made me realize how unpredictable life is you know?” said sophomore Gus Jensen whose guitar was scratched during the incident.

Students reported Grant shouting from the golf cart while jerking the wheel from left to right. Focal Studies, Brown and Warner Halls, price of Rockstars and guinea pigs were some of the topics students reported Grant yelling while driving.

“All I could think was ‘what is this guy’s problem,’” said sophomore Dwayne Courtwood who was riding his scooter when Grant nearly crashed into him near Price Hall.

CPS officer Mike Hutchinson was in pursuit of Grant during the event.

“You really don’t realize how fast a golf cart is until you’re chasing it,” he said.

Hutchinson had just parked the golf cart near the CPS office when Grant came strolling down the sidewalk. Planning on returning to the golf cart right away, Hutchinson left the keys in the ignition. Grant then climbed into the cart and began flying up the pathway near Bates House.

Grant’s adventure came to an end as the sun went behind a cloud and the solar panels faltered. He was caught by Hutchinson in the middle of the Faith Gabelnick Labyrinth. Grant willingly surrendered himself.

“He walked up to me, smile on his face, and said ‘Well how about that for fine timing’ and placed the keys in my hand,” said Hutchinson.

Hutchinson and Grant returned to the CPS office and Hutchinson filed a CPS report.

“The funny thing is, Tyler didn’t appear intoxicated at all. I don’t even think he drank anything that day,” said Hutchinson.

Grant was sent to the Peer Review Board, known as the PRB. On March 18 the PRB met with Grant and decided he should have to create a fully illustrated short story about the incident. When he finished, he was ordered to take a photo of the completed product and text it to the head of the PRB Jason Reel.

“I’m really excited to see the picture of his finished story,” said Reel, senior. “I’m sure having to reflect on the incident through drawings and words Tyler will really understand the implications of his actions.”

The PRB supplied Grant with white paper, markers and a written note excusing him from classes on March 19 to complete his assignment. It is due May 15.

The Pacific Index executive board said the incident does not reflect the integrity or professionalism of the student newspaper and that they hope to put the incident behind them. Grant will remain the sports editor of the student newspaper.

Journalism professor and Grant’s advisor David Cassady could not be found for questioning. A sign on his office door said, “Gone Woodworking.”

There is no proof indicating Grant was intoxicated during the event.


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