Athlete examines major league steroid scandals

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Senior athlete Kyle Treadway has been an integral part of both the baseball and football teams these past seasons.

Not just limited to sports, his success also extends into the classroom.

Set to graduate this spring, Treadway has decided to do his media arts capstone project on three drug scandals in Major League Baseball. These drug scandals cover diverse eras of baseball, one being the Pittsburgh Pirates cocaine scandal in 1985, the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative, BALCO, in 2003 and Biogenesis in 2013.

Being a baseball player and a lover of the sport, Treadway wanted to adapt his interests into his project.

“I love baseball and I wanted to do a media study because that is a common thesis type in my major.”

When asked what his favorite part of the project was, he stated, “[my] favorite part was to analyze  the data and examine trends in the frames used by social media” while amidst the coexisting drug scandal.

“The most tedious part of [my] study was reading and coding 321 articles.”

These articles go in depth into the three scandals and offer insights into professional drug use.


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