Campus summer research inspires capstone project

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Physics and math double major Brandon Harms  decided to focus his senior project on something that reaches far beyond a person’s basic  understanding of light.

“I’m doing my project on the quantum state tomography of slow/stopped light.” said Harms.

To the common person, it’s difficult to understand what this project is by just reading the title of it.

In short, this project covers the quantum information that can be transferred from a beam of light to a cloud of atoms and controllably released at a later time. The complexity of his project was inspired by his work experience at Pacific.

“I did a lot of research on this subject over the summer with a professor who had started the project. I then took over what he had started.” Harms said.

The biggest struggle that he faced with this project was understanding it in its entirety.

“Another problem I faced was figuring out how to cater the paper to both math and physics audiences.” he said.

Although the project presented many challenges throughout the researching process, Harms explained that there were a few highlights.

“I enjoyed taking the data required for the project with my research partner Blake,” Harms said. “Also getting paid for all of the hard work and research was a plus as well.”

Harms will be presenting his project twice when senior projects day arrives.


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