Student examines benefits of cuddling careers

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Senior Rana Wildgrube’s goal for her project is explaining a very misunderstood industry: professional cuddling. 

“From the surface professional cuddling may seem exotic, however when you dig deeper, it has similar characteristics of other service industry jobs,” said Wildgrube.

Using sociological theory, Wildgrube will explain how intimate actions like cuddling become commodified, and how those industries are stigmatized.

In-depth interviews, along with a content analysis of professional cuddlers’ websites reveal a set of informal codes and formal rules that allow professional cuddlers to engage in emotion work.

By understanding the codes required to engage in this intimate service, Wildgrube hopes that her research will “represent professional cuddling for what it truly is and to add to the literature of emotion work, rationalization and commodities.”

If you are interested in attending this senior project, look for the name Rana Wildgrube under the sociology section to find the time and location of her presentation.


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