CGE celebrates Women’s History Month

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The Center for Gender Equity, CGE, enters spring celebrating Women’s History Month.

Throughout the month of March, CGE will have different displays and events planned for Pacific University students and faculty to commemorate all women who have shaped history.

Sophomore and CGE project coordinator Janet Casas, took on Women’s History Month because of her natural passion for female appreciation.

“The whole theme that we came up with is called ‘Women’s Space,’” Casas said.

The first event of the month will start on March 8, with a Brown Bag Discussion about radical women involved in various activist groups.

Along with that, in honor of International Women’s Day, portraits of female students, faculty members and famous women in history that have shown significant leadership skills will be displayed around campus.

The discussion will take place in the UC from noon to 1 p.m.

On the evening of March 10, CGE will show the 2015 movie “Suffragette,” a historical drama that focuses on three women and their struggles during the early feminist movement in 20th Century Britain.

In addition to the events mentioned, there will be an educational workshop teaching women how to interview.

There have been studies that have showed that women exhibit traits that could prevent employers from hiring and paying them the same as their male employees.

Casas hopes that when students and faculty attend these events, it will make them more aware of the oppression that women still have to endure in society.

“Ideally, we would think that we should be celebrating all these minorities and women and everything that should just be equal all throughout the year,” Casas said. “But we don’t live in a society that lets us do that.”

Despite this, Casas also admits that limiting Women’s History awareness to one month does have its good intentions.

“It could be this idea of when you have it in one month, and you don’t necessarily get everything, but you could get something out of it, it could become more of a special kind of thing to look forward to,” Casas said.

Casas hopes that when CGE presents its events to Pacific, students and faculty that attend will be able to leave with “a sense that there’s a better tomorrow.”


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