CPS pilfers bikes

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In the past few weeks, Pacific’s campus has seen a sharp increase in theft of students’ bikes.

Also in the past few weeks, CPS officers have begun cruising campus on bicycles.

Between March 1 and 2, seven bikes were stolen from students; coincidentally there are also seven CPS officers on the Forest Grove campus.

One anonymous CPS officer said many of the officers felt they did not get enough exercise when driving the golf carts around campus.

While using the bikes, officers burn up to 50 percent more calories than they did when they relied on the carts to get around.

“My safety vest fits so much better, I have lost 20 pounds since we began using the bikes,” said another anonymous CPS officer.

Students have grown suspicious about the theft and sudden increase in number of bikes being used by CPS.

Sophomore Chandler Pascual expressed his concern.

“The day after my bike was stolen, I saw a CPS officer riding a bike that looked almost exactly the same as mine,” Pascual said. “It even had the same stickers.”

When students raised their concerns to officer Chris Mithsada, she defended the theft, saying “The new stolen bike system has worked great for our Campus Safety department.

Not only do the officers look and feel better, we have saved 20 dollars in gas for the carts since switching from gas power to pedal power.”

Mithsada added that she is surprised that the students noticed the thefts.

“Students at Pacific are spoiled and like to complain about every little thing,” Mithsada said.

It looks like the new system of bike theft is here to stay.


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