‘Imogen’ blurs lines of reality and imagination

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Creativity can be seen as rhythmic and storytellers such as Iris Young have the ability to weave their imagination into everything they do.

Having majored in film and vocal performance, Young wanted to make a film depicting her own interpretation of walking a line between imagination and reality.

Her film titled “Imogen,” is about a young girl “leaving the comfort of her imaginary world” and is very much a raw expression of the individual who created it.

During Young’s senior project presentation, she reflected on the validation she felt after asking and discovering that those she asked to be a part of her film were eager to help.

She spoke of the challenge of casting her father in the film, someone she was so comfortable with, and of the rewards of composing her very own music.

Young explained that she learned to be more confident in experimenting and seeking knowledge on her own, rather than waiting for it to be taught to her.

She learned to be flexible and adjust with the flow and can attest to being more confident with filming equipment.

After her time at Pacific University, Young wants to attend graduate school and continue to make films in a small collaborate setting.

A clip of “Imogen” can be found posted on Vimeo. The entire film will be screened May 14 in Marsh Hall and on May 22 at the Clinton Street Theater in Portland.


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