Junior Varsity teams adjust athletes to collegiate play

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When most people think about Junior Varsity (JV) sports, they usually associate it with high school and young awkward athletes trying to prepare for the world of varsity sports. In college, JV sports play a key role in helping already talented athletes adjust to more complex schemes and competitive gameplay.

When a student athlete comes from a high school where they might have been the best player on their team, it can be difficult to transition onto a team where that is no longer a reality.

A JV team allows for incoming freshmen and some inexperienced sophomores to be able to get quality gamelike reps during a season.

With how much practice that goes into preparing for a game, a lot of players may feel that their hard work is going to a waste if they don’t get a chance to play in varsity games.

With JV games, athletes can put their hours of offseason training and practice into a real competitive game against another team. JV teams are also extremely helpful for coaches on the college level.

Coach’s can use a JV game evaluate players, and determine if they are ready to take their talents to varsity.

Players who consistently perform well on JV teams in college, almost always find their way into a supporting role on the varsity team.

Many teams in the Northwest conference, including Pacific, use JV teams to best prepare their athletes for more competitive play.

Pacific has over 7 JV teams between each of the male and female teams on campus.

Other successful schools in the conference such as Linfield and George Fox, use JV teams to get an advantage on their opponents.


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