Student calls for republican club

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Since George H.W. Bush was in office, Pacific University has not had a college Republicans club offered on campus. Seeing that the school largely towards the liberal spectrum, it doesn’t come as a surprise there aren’t many active conservative voices on campus.

A vast majority of the student population seem to lean left on most political issues, so the lack of Republican club could be a cause of a depleted conservative ideology on campus.

When conducted in a peaceful in a peaceful manner, it would be great to see a more active conservative voice on campus in order to add diversity. Liberal students who claim to be open to equality but oppose the idea of having conservative student representation on campus do not practice the concepts they preach. It is disheartening that the students who have conservative ideologies are afraid to speak out.

No matter what end of the political spectrum an individual places themselves under, it is  important to encourage open dialogue as long as it’s being done in a respectful way.

In addition to adding to the diversity of campus, adding a strong republican voice would help better prepare those that haven’t grown up in a conservative atmosphere. Although going to school with seemingly like minded individuals is nice, the real world doesn’t always offer that same type of community so being exposed to more differences in opinion now will only help an individual grow. College is a more controlled atmosphere, being around individuals of differing viewpoints can be safer than encountering them for the first time outside of a college atmosphere. For those that have minimal exposure to different lifestyles outside their own, a Republican voice at Pacific would be extremely beneficial.


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