Clifford cooks the books for personal gain

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Something just does not seem right in The Pacific Index office these days. Index Staff members were not allowed to go on their usual beach retreat this year due to a lack of funds. It is ironic because this has been the best year for advertising the Index has had in four years.

I have been speculating this for a while but I believe Co-Editor and Chief Harrison Clifford is embezzling Index funding for personal gain. He has been seen walking into the CPS multiple times. The same office that has been recently caught selling contraband to students.

When checking his PlayStation account I found thousands of dollars charged to Fortnite outfits. This is an unacceptable and unfair to the rest of the staff who wanted to enjoy a nice weekend on the beach.

Pacific Index Advisor Dave Cassady admitted that he knew about Clifford’s embezzlement the entire time but was being paid money to keep quiet and turn a blind eye.

I am appalled by the actions of my peer and hope that the Index can keep a clean slate moving forward. I don’t believe that Clifford is a bad person but when you have that much green thrown in front of you, it’s hard to say no.

I hope that Clifford can find it in his heart to pay back the money he stole to the ensuing Editor-in-Chief candidates.

This is a hard one for the Media Arts Department to swallow but we should all be able to move on from it.


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