Panic and terror has surged throughout campus as Pacific freshman Emalee Beavers disappeared Saturday, March 30. She returned to her dorm after spring break but has not been seen since.

The teen went home to California over break but caught an early flight back to Oregon to spend the weekend in the Grove. Beavers entered the ghost town Pacific University had become and headed toward a half empty Clark hall. What the Pacific freshman experienced next was a sinister set of events she did not know could be possible.

Clark hall is one of the oldest and perhaps most haunted buildings at the university. The historic residence hall was first constructed in 1966, named after Pacific University founder Harvey Clark. Throughout the years students have claimed to see ghostly figures walking the halls and swear they feel a presence in the decades old building.

Beavers has been presumed to have experienced the power of this presence first hand.

A fellow Clark resident who had finished work early that day described a strange noise coming from Emalee’s room but did not think anything of it as the teen usually had loud and strange music blaring at all hours of the day.

When her friends got back to campus the next day, they knocked on Emalee’s door. When she did not appear, they opened the door and found a truly disturbing scene. All of her possessions had been strung across the room, a strange dark substance covered the walls, and the teen was nowhere to be seen.

After Campus Public Safety checked the scene, Beaver’s parents were alerted immediately. No one has heard from or seen her since.


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