Old Professors, New Adventures

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Every year incoming freshman are graced with the opportunity to take a voyage with fellow classmates.

This time gives students the valuable chance to make new friends, interact with their peers on a deeper level, and prepare for the start of the year in a new environment. With the success that voyages bring about each year, it is obvious that the next logical step is to finalize the process in professor only voyages.

Of course there are a few small differences in a professor only voyage. The most important of those differences is that professors must live off the land for three weeks and do so without wearing clothing.

Although they will be missing the first few weeks of school, I believe that this unique experience allows for a more intimate bond with their fellow colleagues and may even lead to a better understanding and appreciation for one another.

While final decisions are being made regarding the different voyage locations, I find that some of the most interesting places are closest to home. It would be very entertaining to see a voyage take place in downtown Forest Grove, for example.

Although it is right around the corner from campus, it would let students see the bonding of professors take place right before their very eyes. It is especially beneficial to partake in voyages close to home because the Pacific University budget will not take a big hit. This could allow for improvements all around the campus like increased street lighting, necessary remodels, additional parking lots, and most importantly an on campus smoke room to take the edge off of student’s around finals season.

Once all of the paperwork for professor only voyages is complete, I would like to see a broadcast aired weekly. It is a very rare occasion that you get to see the mystical professor outside of the classroom and that is truly something that every university student should be able to witness.


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