Students and Forest Grove residents protest seemingly unknown cause

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For the past five hours, Pacific University students, stray Portlanders, and confused Forest Grove residents have been demonstrating in Trombley Square. However, no one attending the event was able to determine the reason for the demonstration or what protesters were upset about, not even the protesters themselves.

Demonstration organizer and student activist Stacey Smith refuses to leave the square until she feels she has been heard. “I am not sure what needs to change, but something needs to change, and that is why we are out here today,” Smith said.

Junior Annika Hanks was on her way to class when she decided to join the demonstration. It was when she saw protest organizers handing out pre-made signs that she knew she had to skip her biology class.

“I am not sure what’s going on but I’m having fun!” laughs Hanks, as she poses for a picture with her sign. The sign say “Stay Woke” in bold block letters. “I just want equal rights for whatever their cause is,” she says.

With 20 people in attendance, it is the biggest demonstration in Pacific history. Smith says there could have been even more student representation if other university clubs were not serving Pizza Schmizza on the other side of campus that same afternoon.


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