University adapts to modern needs with student dating app

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The new service, Boxr, will automatically enroll all full-time and part-time students. It will be available on iOS and Android devices in August 2019. Students who do not wish to use the service must opt-out through a form available at the Business Office in Marsh Hall.

Boxr functions like a standard dating app, however the profiles will auto-populate and leverage all of the student information that the university has access to. The app’s algorithm will prioritize others that live nearby or have compatible majors. It is intended to foster community and romance among Boxers.

Some students see the service as an overreach that allows the university too much power over the love lives of students. Additionally, the university has declined to comment on the cost associated with the development of the service.

Despite these concerns, I believe that it is simply the university attempting to adapt to modern needs. Students are spending less time at on-campus activities and our hectic workloads keep us from interacting with new people. Beyond this, recent studies have confirmed that young people nationwide are less sexually active than ever before. Boxr looks to remedy these issues.

Boxr is also looking to remedy the declining enrollment that is plaguing liberal arts universities throughout the United States. Nearby universities, such as the Oregon College of Art and Craft, will close their doors this year. Students are less likely to attend pricey private universities than they were in the past.

Therefore, Pacific University must adopt unique amenities, like Boxr. Pacific already stands out for its wide variety of programs and gorgeous campus, but it must modernize itself as well. Other schools may have fancy recreation centers or state-of-the-art student lounges, but no other school will have such a robust dating service. This is simply representative of the university’s desire to improve student life, and to strengthen student ties to the community.

It is evident that Pacific University will now stand out to prospective students as a place to find both education and love.


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